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Qigong is a beautiful practice for gaining awareness of our 'qi', or the lifeforce energy that flows through us, and developing skill with it so that we can guide it to become healthy, vibrant, and balanced. 

A qigong instructor certification program is a great way to go deep into the principles of qigong to gain a solid foundation of understanding for your own practice, and also to prepare yourself  to share the benefits and beauty of these practices with others in your community.

The three Paths of Qigong

While the flow of our qi affects every aspect of our lives, historically qigong practices were applied to three main areas: Health and healing, the martial arts, and spirituality or enlightenment.

We can thing of each of these areas of application as different paths leading up the same mountain. There is much that is common between the paths as you work with your mind, body and breath to gain a better understanding of yourself and develop skill with your energy. But each path also presents its own unique views and experiences as you explore the principles of practices focused on developing skills related to each of these applications.

Long White Cloud Qigong offers instructor certification courses focusing on practices related to each of these paths:

Small Universe Qigong is the healer's path and focuses on practices which balance the main energy flows and structures  within us - our organ meridians that flow like rivers, our dantien which is like a great ocean, the extraordinary meridians that are like the ocean currents, and our energy fields that is like our personal atmosphere that the clouds and rain move within.

Inner Fire Qigong is the warrior's path and focuses on dynamic practices that develop resilience, strength, and focus. Inner Fire Breathwork is a dynamic type of breathwork that activates our internal energy and distributes it through our body to develop vibrant health. The Wild Animal Play practice draws inspiration from the movements of animals in nature to dynamically circulate our energy and develop our physical capabilities. And Iron Shirt Qigong consolidates our energy and develops deep resilience.

Elemental Alchemy Qigong is the sage's path and teaches practices that help us to understand and harmonize with the constantly changing world around us. The practices focus on the qualities of our energy as they transition from Wuji (primordial), to Taiji (yin and yang) to Wuxing (five elements or five phases), and lead to wisdom and harmony in the way we conduct our lives and interact with other people and our environment. Through these practices we can embrace the natural cycles of life and learn to flow gracefully with them.

Some people will choose just one path to follow, exploring the aspects of qigong that they find most appealing or feel they need most. Others will choose to explore each of the paths one by one, completing all three of the programs to gain a broad and balanced perspective of qigong practice and its many principles, practices, and applications.

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